Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FALL is my favorite season!!

Its fall!

I love the fall season.

Fall always bring back good memories. The weather is calmer with the wind blowing and the surroundings bringing good vibes. The last two weeks was a very sad and somber time for me, but yesterday as I was getting out of the car after coming home from work, something in me changed. The wind was blowing and the mood was so great that it turned my entire mood around! I had this calmness come over me. If I could have my way, it would be fall everyday.

Why do I love the fall season?

Well most importantly because it is FOOTBALL SEASON! I love football. Since I was a little girl I could not wait until the last Friday in August because I knew that was when the Jamboree (first high school football game of the season where every school in the parish plays each at the same stadium) would occur. Finding the hottest outfit and hitting the football stadium to check out all the guys from the different schools and determining who was going to be on my team this year. If they were giving out letterman jackets for being a spectator, then I would be varsity.

Black version of "Friday Night Lights/Varsity Blues"

Favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because of Bayou Classic!

This passion for football (and sadly boys) continued throughout high school and college. Now that I am no longer living in Louisiana where my hometown is like the movie, “Friday Night Lights”, its weird not having a football team to support on Fridays and Saturdays. I need some LIVE football in my life!

#26 Clinton Portis - Washington Redskins

Nevertheless I love the fall because the weather is perfect, not to cold and not to hot. Perfect weather for outfits!! LOL!!

Got to go for the hometeam!

Have to go for them because this is my Daddy's team!!


eclectik said...


Being a Grambling Grad I will say YES!

And Fall is the best...Football and new wardrobe

That Steelers mess? ugh

I like yo blog


quarter-life-crisis said...


I am glad there are a few people enjoying it.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Love FALL too.

I just gave myself a recent attitude adjustment. So I feel you on that one FOR SURE!!