Monday, April 26, 2010

You can always go home......

My time in Atlanta involved chasing the thrill of discovering something new. Wanting to become the “black” Carrie Bradshaw (without the debt and men problems of course) or Joan (again without the men problems) from “Girlfriends”. So what have I discovered?
  • That I could actually live on my own in Atlanta and make it
  • That it is okay to be different.

  • That it is okay to be home sick. It does not make you weak.

  • That I was still unsatisfied.

  • That even though I was living in the city, I was nowhere close to the “city girl” fantasy I believe I should be living.

  • That I was “NOT” living life PERIOD!

  • That it is okay to go home again.

Which is what I did, I am now back living in Louisiana.

Now do not get me wrong, I love and miss Atlanta so much, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to do what you want to do. At first when I arrived back into Louisiana, I took it as a failure, but I soon came to realize that it was all in my mind. However anything I do I will associate it as a failure because I am not doing what I wanted or should be doing by now (practicing law). Even though I am considered moving back home as a failure of some sort, failing is not the end of the world, but simply means you have a lesson to learn.

There is ONE positive aspect to moving back to Louisiana:


That is right folks, after SIX LONG YEARS, I am finally getting a second chance at a dream/goal.

Which is why with great sadness, I will no longer blog at “My Quarter Life Crisis”. For some reason I felt I kept taking this blog in the wrong direction. Maybe it was because I had no direction in life because I kept trying to get something back from my past. I could never move forward.

However I have chose to create a new blog, specifically one detailing my journey in law school. I will call it:


I will write about many topics, but not all will be legal/law school related. However everything will tie into my life and my legal journey. Things that contribute to my sanity. My main goal is to NOT have this blog me a “boo-hoo, poor me”. Just a place to document my growth and enlightenment.

So come and join me, this “second time around”. (Corny I know – LOL)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

2009 has been a crazy year to say the least and I am hoping and praying that 2010 will be so much better. Tons of things has happened since the last post and 2010 will be an exciting year for me and the blog. Let's just say that I am in a new place (mentally and physical location aka new state!!).

Look forward for year 2 of "My Quarter Life Crisis" to be an exciting year!!!!

Once again..... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So once again I grow a year older. Didn't really do too much (actually I did nothing). Co workers and boss took me out to lunch, my aunt gave me a gift certificate to our favorite spa for a facial, and I came home to get on the Internet (one of the tenants in my apartment has not realize that they did not lock their wireless) and to talk on the phone to my friends/love ones.

This is not a bad thing because usually I do not celebrate my birthdays. I just do not like a lot of attention on me like that. However it did make me think about birthdays in the past.

I am 27 and I believe that I have been single for every birthday I have had in my twenties. WOW!!!!!

So with that being said, I am looking at all the men that are currently in my life. I am not on a romantic level with none of these gentlemen (well maybe two/a couple of them wish we were), but I make it an effort to call them, if not at MIDNIGHT, on their birthday. These NINE gentlemen (I am starting to use this word loosely now) know how important I take birthdays and some of them I talk to just yesterday/last week!!!! Out of the nine men, TWO called and wished me a happy birthday.


Will I be taking this too far if I start to distance myself from these individuals? I ask this because I find it curious that I can talk to these people all the time (emails, facebook, phone, text, etc.), but only TWO can take the time to call and wish me a damn happy birthdaaaaay!!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

My FIRST Book Review!!!!

After EIGHT LONG MONTHS of procrastination (because that's what is was), I finally wrote my first book review! There are many to come, but in the meantime check it out at:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Since cutting off my cable, coming upon my 27th birthday, and watching the 20th anniversary of Oprah’s show (I have it on DVD……LOL), I came across a segment that featured “Gratitude” and how she started a gratitude journal. These pass couple of months (well actually this pass year) a lot of things has happen to me and I see myself changing in ways I never imagined. I have always been the type of person who looked at the negative instead of the positive. Things are happening to people around me that I need to be more thankful for the life I have.

So for those reasons on Sunday I started a “gratitude journal”. EVERYDAY (well at least I am going to try to do it everyday) I plan to write FIVE THINGS I am grateful for. (Not on the blog of course, I want this to be very personal and use this to build up my spirituality)

That's all folks........

Monday, August 3, 2009

I love Barnes & Noble!

Due to the recession (I use this as an excuse for everything - but I have to start cutting back somewhere), I have cut off my cable and Internet!!!! What am I going to do?????? LOL!!!! Nevertheless, since I will have so much free time on my hands (other than working on my law schools applications), look forward to many many blogs!!!

OH! Did you know that Barnes & Noble has FREE WI-FI????? Well I do and this is where I will be. They may ask for rent. LOL!!!

Next post......... My Addiction to Television & Internet!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Investing in Myself

I got this idea from one of my favorite blogs Dream and Hustle.

Mr. Dream & Hustle specified that in order to invest in yourself, you need to learn new skills and create portfolios for presentation that can help you deal with the right people who can get you in the right places. Well that is my focus right now (with my personal and professional life).

I have created “I’m Hungry” folders. In these folders, I am working on the following items:

1. Establishing better writing/grammar skills.
2. Learning about creating and maintaining websites.
3. REALLY getting my business up and running.
4. Completing some kind of public speaking course.
5. Networking with like minded individuals.
6. Learning Spanish and Japanese
7. Research and learn about International Law and Business
8. Learning how to efficiently draft different types of legal agreements.
9. Become proficient in MS programs.
10. Obtaining my real estate license.
11. Making something happen with my blogs.

Lastly of course is getting into law school and actually graduating this time. J