Friday, August 29, 2008

So I been thinking........


I am wondering what happened to my clique/crew? You know the ones you have in high school/college/sorors.


I am pissed off about this whole Republican V.P. situation. Do they REALLY think that Americans are that stupid?!


I need to step up on my reading. Books that is. I have been slacking in this area. I am going to commit at least one day a week to strictly reading.


I read blogs more than I actually blog. I catch myself saying that I am only going to visit ONE site today, but then I look up and three hours have pass by. I even have a particular order I go in which I read my favorite blogs. Do not get me started on when I find new blogs I like! LOL


Need to get my exercise on.


One week before my 26th birthday (9/9/)!!!


Currently in the process of detoxing. (Blog about it later)


I have three ideas for future GREAT novels.


I loved watching Jon Stewart and The Colbert after every night of the convention.


Jello shots are great!!


Obama speech got me all PUMPED UP!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My friend, the mind reader

So I am sitting at my desk, listening to Steve Harvey Morning Show, when a close friend sends me an email stating the following:

“You cannot do everything yourself, or all by yourself, at the same time. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but rather showing your strength. When you REALLY need it, ask for help, guidance, and assistance.”

Is my friend a mind reader now? LOL

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A conversation with my Madea

I called my great-grandmother (Madea) for her birthday and instead of talking about her (which she loves to do), she wanted to talk about me! Here is how some of the conversation went:

Madea: I am worried about you!
Me: Why?
Madea: You are about to be 26 and you have no man and no chaps (means children). Why is that?
Me:I just have not found one yet.
Madea: Didn’t I tell you want you need to do to get and keep a man?
Me: Yes ma’am
Madea: Well what the hell (my name was inserted here)! This is when I knew she was drunk. What are you doing up there? What did I tell you? Its four simple rules.
Me: I know. Getting aggravated because this entire conversation is being heard by a friend guy while we were on our way to grab a bite to eat! What makes it worse is that I know she wants me to recite them and I do not want to in front of ole dude, but I do. You always said in order to get and/or keep a man I needed to know how to keep a clean house (CHECK), make them laugh (CHECK), keep their belly’s full (I can cook my ass off! LOL), and screw their brains out (her words not mine! Actually hers were a lot worse)
Madea: AGAIN, if you know this why you single chile? Now she sound worried.
Me: Its not my time, but trust Madea I am okay, I have to go now about to go eat with a man.
Madea: Sounds happy again. Is it a boyfriend or potential one?
Me: No.
Madea: Worry comes back in her voice. Fuck it. I give up. Yall chaps drive me crazy. Have fun.
Me: Love you Madea!
Madea: Love you to baby!
Me: Bye!
Madea: Bye!

So this is my mama side of the family, and on my mama side of the family I am the FIRST one to NOT have a child as a teenager and to obtain a college degree. I think she is scared of me being alone because she never envision any of her family members achieving what I have (to me I feel I have not achieve that much, but to them I have achieve a lot). So I entertain her ideas of what I should do.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Soundtrack to my life - The South!

So while browsing one of my fav blogs, You Hype! Sike Nah...., I came across a great song that I probably will be bumping for the rest of the summer. It goes along with my conflicted opinions of the status of Hip Hop/Rap and my love for the south.

OH! Is it possible to have a crush on a blogger because if it is, You Hype! is it for me! LOL

You're Everything

Saturday, August 2, 2008

If I knew then, what I know now!

I would have work toward becoming a college professor and author. Yep, thats right!

More specific, a HISTORY PROFESSOR! Man I wish someone would have sat me down and actually guided me instead of me doing it myself.

Another Saturday wasted.....

So its Saturday and like every week while at work, I plan tons of things to do on my "free Saturdays".

Free Saturdays are Saturdays where no one is in town, no special events are going on, and no major errands to run. Just a empty/free Saturday.

Anyhoo, as I was stating before, I plan tons of things to do on these days (read, clean up, blog, catch up on fav blogs, check out new blogs, study, read, work on business, and catch up on shows I have on Tivo). However today I did hardly any. I just laid in bed (as I am doing now), played on Youtube (damn this great website), watched HGTV, and threw a pity party for myself.

Who was invited to my pity party?
  1. Wanting my own place.
  2. Being jealous that an ex is getting married today. Now I do not want him, but I am jealous none the less. It just reminded me that I am a single lady with no candidates at all.
  3. Feeling fat (even though I know I am NOWHERE near fat, but just bigger than I have ever been) and not doing anything about it.
  4. Being mad at myself because I feel that I am never satisfied.
  5. Lastly, having tons of things/ideas/feelings going on in my head that are driving me crazy!

Its 6pm and I have nothing to show for this day. NOTHING!! I am getting tired of wasting away my "free Saturdays", but do not know how to motivate myself.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Mr. West!!

So I have read somewhere that my future husband (pictured above) has a reality show in the works with HBO. They will basically follow him around and give us a peek of what goes on in his life.

What that means for me? Well I do not have to quit my job to follow him around. I can basically stalk him from the comfort of my living/bedroom! LOL.

This relationship is costing me money already! I have to go and get HBO! LOL