Sunday, December 21, 2008

What to expect for Xmas?

Once again it is Christmas time and I will be heading to good ole Louisiana Tuesday!!! However with every positive, there are some negatives. Now I love my relatives, but at times (especially for the holidays) they can be a little to much.

The "Drunk" family members

These individuals usually are the ones who start the fights/arguments. They are usually older male relatives.

The "Criticizing" family members

These relatives always making snide remarks or been judgmental. For example, "OH! You still haven't went back to law school?" Usually older female relatives.

The "Wild Child" family members

Another Christmas, another child and babydaddy/mama. Always bugging you to go to the club with them later. Assume that you are big ballin and want to talk in private so they can ask for some money.

The "I'm saved now" family members

Was a "wild child" and/or "drunk" family member last Christmas. Trying to preach to you about what you need to do with your life and criticizing you for not being where they are at in Christ. FUTURE OUTLOOK: Becoming a "Criticizing" family member.

The "Competitor" family members

Usually around the same age as you (so that mean they are a first and/or second cousin).

I get a new job, he/she got a promotion.

I get a new apartment, he/she bought a house.

I get a new boyfriend, he/she get engage!

The "Impostor" family members

Moved away and people assume he/she is doing great. Do not want family members to know that he/she is doing anything LESS THAN great. However everyone know that you are struggling. I THINK THIS IS ME. LOL!

NEVERTHELESS, I love them all the same and cannot wait to see them.


Assertive Wit said...

this why I live in a state all by my I don't have to be around these crazy mofos until I feel like it LOL

quarter-life-crisis said...

Trust by end of the trip (29th), I will be extremely tired of them!! LOL!!

Thats why I only make the trip at least 3 times a year (mother's day, father's day, and Christmas).