Thursday, July 9, 2009

Investing in Myself

I got this idea from one of my favorite blogs Dream and Hustle.

Mr. Dream & Hustle specified that in order to invest in yourself, you need to learn new skills and create portfolios for presentation that can help you deal with the right people who can get you in the right places. Well that is my focus right now (with my personal and professional life).

I have created “I’m Hungry” folders. In these folders, I am working on the following items:

1. Establishing better writing/grammar skills.
2. Learning about creating and maintaining websites.
3. REALLY getting my business up and running.
4. Completing some kind of public speaking course.
5. Networking with like minded individuals.
6. Learning Spanish and Japanese
7. Research and learn about International Law and Business
8. Learning how to efficiently draft different types of legal agreements.
9. Become proficient in MS programs.
10. Obtaining my real estate license.
11. Making something happen with my blogs.

Lastly of course is getting into law school and actually graduating this time. J

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