Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quote of the day

This morning like every morning I am at work with my headphones on listening to “Steve Harvey in the Morning” show. One of Steve’s guests was Denzel Washington and he was discussing the movie, “The Great Debaters” and his children. Mr. Washington stated that there is a line in the movie that he himself put there that he always says to his children. This statement is as followed:

“Do what you got to do, to do what you want to do.”

Now mind you, this statement may not be profound to anyone else nor have the $100 words (as my grandma called them) in it. It was just a simple statement that woke something up in me. Being a college graduate who finally found a “real life/corporate/what her degree is in” job, I am now in the position to get myself together financially. However let’s say that Uncle Sam is really getting his fair share and me having to purchase a new car (a whole other post in its self), it seems like I make the salary of a fast food worker. Being that I just moved to the area and have been blessed to live with a relative until I get on my feet, I do not understand how Uncle Sam can take all my money. I know the more money you make (and being single with no dependents), the more money they get, but gosh!!! I move up 10k in salary and all I see is $200 or a little more in my checks every month.

With paying Sallie Mae, car note, car insurance, private student loan, cell phone, credit cards (went crazy in college and paying the consequences now), and misc debt, I have none left to save to get on my feet. This leads me to this conclusion:

I need to get a part time job.

The only problem is (or was since this morning) that I have been very picky about what type of job it is, the days and times I can work. I keep saying that I have to have a personal life and plus I am doing a lot of things to establish myself and start my company. HOWEVER I cannot do anything that I just mention if I do not have any money left over to do it with. As far as having a personal life – never been a club person, but lets just say that going to a HBCU and joining my sorority, I have had my fair share of fun. Also right after getting out of college I made up for anytime that I wasted on this thing called studying in college. So we can safely say that this is not a good excuse. Next there is this thing as starting a business. How can I start a business or get prepared to do it with NO CAPITAL?

As of this morning, there will be no excuses. If that means working every night and missing my favorite television shows (that is what I have TiVo for) and weekends, so be it!!! I have to do what I have to do, to do what I want to do. What are a couple months to a year? I know it will be hard and I will be extremely tired, but I have to learn to make sacrifices now when nothing is going bad and not do something when I am in dire need to do it, but prepare for situations early so that they will not be so bad when they occur. Get on my feet now while I am single and free of major responsibilities. As long as I make time for me, my hobbies (which is reading and now blogging), exercising, and a course I am taking, I should be fine.

Hey maybe it will keep my mind off of being single!!!! (Another post for another time!!)

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