Thursday, March 6, 2008

Book of the Month

Girl, get your MONEY Straight!!!

During my last year of college when I realize I ruin my credit, I started searching for material to help me become financially savvy. The first book I found was called “Girl, get your money straight” by Glinda Bridgforth. Glinda wrote in plain English and made it easy for me (a beginner at the time) to comprehend. Once I decided that it was time to change my financial life, I found that this book was necessary in helping me along in my journey. While reading the book (I have had the book since late 2003 – so I have read it several times), I realized that it is not about having money, but not allowing myself to be responsible for what I could do to solve my money problems. The steps Glinda suggest are very clear and can be easily applied for anyone who truly is tired of living in debt. Through the years, I have applied (successfully and unsuccessfully) the steps and even though I have yet to truly see the benefits (because of my own neglect), I know at the end of the day, following her advice in the book will lead me to financial independence.

The book outlines seven financial prescriptions that will guide you step by step to financial security.
1. Setting goals that speak to your heart.
2. Learning to balance a checkbook and knowing your net worth.
3. Developing a spending plan.
4. Track and Analyze your spending.
5. Pay off debt with discipline – deprivation.
6. Save consistently without being a Miser.
7. Get the support and expert advice you need.

I am not going to go through the book in detail for the reason that I really recommend that you purchase it because it is a great book to have for your library. Also she incorporates spiritual guidance to help you through fixing your finances. We all know that even after learning that we need to change fix our financial status; it is really a mental thing. She suggests that we not only set financial goals, but also emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical. We have to have a balance in order for us to truly be financially debt free.