Sunday, June 14, 2009

Look who's back!!! (This time for real LOL)

Hey everybody!!!! Long time no hear huh? LOL!

Well I am back. Life has really got in the way this year.

I also started an additional blog call BOOK SNOB WANNABE. Check it out:

So what have I been doing? Just the normal quarter life crisis things……….

Living Arrangements
12/31/08 I got my own place!!!!! I love it!

It is becoming an extremely stressful situation.

I am trying my best to conquer my addictions one day at a time.
I went natural!!!
I am making exercise apart of my daily routine.
Finally found someone to talk to (a professional of course).

I completed a new “Vision Board”.
I started a “QLC” scrapbook.
Have a summer reading plan (25 books) which can be found on my book blog!
Creating a Look book

Things I am thinking of doing:
Learning to sew
Learning Spanish

Things I cannot let go of:
I took the LSAT (AGAIN) and I am going to apply to law school.

My goal is to have at least ONE post a week. This is a commitment to me because I really need to work on my writing skills and I really want something to come from this blog (and my other one, and the one I am going to start Jan 2010. LOL). I have been jotting down tons of ideas; it is the matter of finding time (more like making time) and working on them.


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I totally OVERSTAND life getting in the way. It sounds like your in a good place.

Looking forward to your next regular post. Congrats on the new spot!! That's always exciting.


quarter-life-crisis said...

Thanks!!! I still go to your blog DAILY to see have you posted! LOL! I get all excited when I see a new one.

sweetpea said...

i can tell we're on the same wavelength! Good luck to your goals. I have been meaning to start back up with my blog, many exciting and new and positive things in my life, but for some reason, i enjoy the happiness and turn a cold shoulder to my writing... weird!
You've helped inspire me. Thank you! I guess i'm back too!

I LOVE YOU said...