Saturday, April 26, 2008


So it is Saturday and I am back at home from my date with myself. Yep I wrote that correctly, I am dating myself. If you saw the youtube clip before reading this, aside from the humor, it was informative (at least for me). I talk a good game to everybody about how I am happy and just concentrating on me, but sometimes it gets hard and today is one of those days. I had to turn lemons into lemonade. I got out of bed, turned the TV off since it is a "no TV day" (will post about later) and commence to cleaning my room and my bathroom (remember that I live with my aunt, so those are the only areas I use). Cleaning was an ALL DAY (well 3 hours) job, and after that I gave myself an "in-home" spa treatment. After the spa, I did my hair like I went to a stylist and applied makeup to my face. Then I put a fly but casual outfit (you know, to look like I really did not try to dress up, but it just looked like I did) and decided to go see a movie, have a drink afterward, and grab a bite to eat. Now this is nothing new, I am not afraid and actually enjoy doing things by myself. However I do not do them on the weekends during "date hours". Nevertheless it was enjoyable and I am planning on have a "date night" with myself once a week or once every other week. I also purposely limited my conversations with female friends today because I know they would have wanted to join me and:

  1. It would have defeated the purpose of going on a date with myself.
  2. It would have turned into a girls night out which would have included talking about men and how much more fun it would have been if men were with us.
  3. They would have gotten on my nerves checking men out, or complaining and whining about couples being mushy or just because they see a couple.

Anyway, the movie "Babymama" was great! 2 thumbs up! Went to a bar and had 2 Lemon drop martinis, and then to Chili's and got a to-go order. Now I am at home fulled and a little buzzed (drunk 2 glasses of wine with my food). To some this may seem pitiful, but actually it made me feel better. I have to practice what I preach!! Yesterday I went to Borders and spent 2 hours there having a blast with all the books (again I am an undercover nerd! LOL) and today I took myself to the movies and out to eat. So I should be sufficient until next weekend.

Next week: Go to a Jazz club!!!


Smarty Jones said...

I'm feeling you on that. I used to do stuff like that all the time but for whatever reason I just stopped. Maybe I should start again, sounds like you had a blast. And there's no need to be undercover about your nerdiness, flaunt it!

Eb the Celeb said...

I dated myself for a couple months last year... wasnt trying to be in a relationship... but wasnt trying to club all the time... and I actually love spending time with myself both in and outside of the crib.

Good for you girlie...

quarter-life-crisis said...

Thanks. I think that we get so caught up in life (and all the issues that come with it) that we forget to just concentrate on ourselves.