Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So I was looking through my July 2008 Essence magazine (Pg. 107), and as I was flipping through and reading articles (which seems to be the same thing every other month), I came across something great. Since I have been going through my “woe is me” period, I think that this is a perfect way to start incorporating things in my life that will bring happiness. While writing this blog entry (during commercials of the BET Awards – major disappointment by the way) I realize that I am actually doing these things. So why aren’t I happier? Well I have come to the conclusion that I talk a good game, but never practice what I preach. So here goes…..Last result before going to a head doc.

Actually my #1 will be giving all my problems to God and the entry I wrote about on 6/19/08.

1. Hang out with joyful people.
The article suggests finding five POSITIVE interactions for every ONE NEGATIVE interaction. What? How am I going to do that? LOL. Nah it basically means surround yourself with positive individuals. Those who lift you up not let you down.

2. Move consistently toward your goals.
STAY ON THE PATH!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Meditate on your blessings.
Instead of the “woe is me”, I need to be thankful that I woke this morning because somebody did not!!!

4. Be good to yourself.
Basically eat right (currently going through a 9 day detox – its day 2 and I am needing a piece of meat!!!), exercise (finally started my program so that I can run the 5k for Labor day AND every other Friday I have a YOGA session!!! – I am going to be TOO sexy by my 26th birthday which is September 9th), and mentally (doing this shoot).

5. Connect, connect, and connect.
I think that this is basically number one. It’s just saying surround yourself with people and establish relationships with family and friends.

6. Go to church.
The article states that individuals that go to church (any faith) are happier than people who do not go or go once or twice a month. Now I am not the one to talk about this (I have an opinion on organized religion vs. spirituality – later post), but I say that for the last 2 months I did not attend church and when I stepped into the church last Sunday, I just had this calmness come over me. Now the word was good (mainly directed at the men), but it was just being in the house of the Lord that just made me feel good. Again for a later time.

7. Give—and forgive.
Now this one is a HARD one, I am constantly working on this one. I have a hard time forgiving people who have wrong me. However I was told that if you can not forgive someone, why do you expect God to forgive you of your wrong doing. With that being said, this is a constant battle. Even today at work, I had a bad day and for a minute I considered revenge and I thought about not talking (unless work related) to the individual. However where would that get me? I would be the one miserable, and along with giving power me, she would not even know that I am over at my cube all mad and booted up!!! LOL WOW. The power of the mind.


Anonymous said...

Girl this was just the post I needed today!!I've been trying to recenter as well, and these are AWESOME suggestions!!! # 7 is probably my hardest one also and you made a point that I never really thought about "...why do you expect God to forgive you of your wrong doing." Preach!!!!!!

Great post.... thanks! ♥

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Yes, I like the list and I would have to agree #7 is the most important it is something I grew up doing a lot, with my father. So maybe that's why forgiveness is no big deal.

They put it best at my church. How you going to expect The Father to forgive you when you can't forgive!!

I'm glad you are trying your best to work yourself out of your mo-jo!! Keep it up happiness is on the horizon I can just feel it!! I was in a very dark place last fall and girl once I made my break through…let’s put it like this they ARE still holding my mule while I’m doing that dance Snoopy does!! *lol*

Hang in there!!


quarter-life-crisis said...

Thanks you guys!!! Trying my best to find positive spins on life.