Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Being single for Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. A perfect scenario is having someone special that will surprise you with chocolates, teddy bears, and/or flowers. Maybe even provide you with some jewelry. However the ones without someone (me) will be reminded that we do not have anyone to share this special day with. Before continuing:


So what I do not have a “boo” or “man” to receive flowers from. So what I will not be having a candlelit dinner with someone special. So what I will not receive a card telling me how special I am and how much love they have for me!!!! SO WHAT!! LOL!!



In a weird (plus I know it is not right) way, I feel good knowing that I am not the only one in this predicament. I know several females, my age, younger and some quite older that are in the same boat as I. However I am (I cannot speak for them) not going to let a commercialized day have me make wrong decisions. This means that I will not let Valentine’s drive me to interacting with “Mr. Wrong”.

Some maybe wondering where I am going with this, so here goes. I know a lot of single females that intentionally set out to find ANY MAN to get with for just this particular day. Just so they can say that they were not alone on Valentine’s Day. Just so they will not feel empty and go through the whole mental anguish (because that’s all it is) of wondering what is wrong with them and why they do not have a man. So these women (and I at one time) basically settle.

EXAMPLE: Say you have been getting to know (kicking it) a gentleman (man, dude, some women – boy) for a couple weeks (met him or he decided to call after Christmas) and Valentine’s Day is coming up. You like wow finally I will have someone for V-Day. Nevertheless he is ---maybe not your type physical wise. He does not have a job and living off his mama OR maybe even another woman. However you are so desperate for a body that you settle for someone who you know is not the one or good enough for you.


Just because it is V-Day, it those not mean you should call up or answer the phone for “Mr. He-will-do”. You know he gets on your nerves, but just so you will not be lonely, just because you do not have patience to wait for God to bring the right one in your life, you settle.

Now the good Word says be careful or anxious for nothing, but with prayer let your requests be made known to God. Now after doing this, we must (at least we should be doing this) be at peace for what we prayed for (in regards to this post – a man), trust Him and wait on His timing. Not yours. Instead of chasing after a man, how about chasing after Him (trust I am trying that now). Trust I know that this is easier said then done because I have my weak days also. I know we get lonely and sometimes feel like God is taking to long (be quick and ask for forgiveness for even thinking like that!! LOL).

If you are asking God for that special someone first know that he is not coming over night. Second, maybe the reason God has not brought the “special one” into your life is because you yourself is not worthy of him. Is all your ducks in a row? Let’s say God brings the man of your dreams to you, will you be the woman of his dreams? We (at least me and my girlfriends) are always crying about finding a good man and a good man coming along, but we ourselves have so much baggage that we truthfully do not even need a man in our lives right now PERIOD. Some of us need to be doing right spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially before bringing a man in our life. How about we get our ducks in a row and make God the most important man (person) and I promise you He will bring you all that you desire and more!!!

I will just like for you to know (I have no doubt that you already know this) that God loves you and He knows the desires of your heart. However He simply desires for you (and me) to put all our energy that we use to find a “man” into a desire for Him. So since I am talking the talk, I am going to walk the walk and let God be my Valentine (I know I am corny).
So single women, if no one tells you happy Valentine’s Day here goes:


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