Thursday, February 7, 2008

I will be gone till November (Election)

At first I was posting on the campaign and giving updates. However the situation is crazy. None of the candidates are talking about hard core issues. I am tired of hearing the same thing over and over again on every news channel. If I had to go by what the media decides I need to hear, GOSH I would be a lost soul. I am so tired of not getting hard core statements of how they are going to make this country different and/or better. I do not need to be reminded everyday that Barack is black. He was black yesterday, he is black today, and he is going to be black tomorrow. I know how important it is in this election and I am extremely happy, but I do not want him to become president just because he is (half) black. Same thing goes with Hillary. Can someone say anything about the programs, tax cuts (if any) that they are planning to implement. ANYTHING!! I guess I am getting frustrated because I know that everyone is not like me and will not look for information about each candidate (democratic or republican) on their own. They are depending on the media, who is treating the candidates like high school cliques, for their information. Plus being a black woman, people give you the "So are you going to vote for the WOMAN or BLACK MAN?" NO! I am going to vote for the PERSON who can cater to the issues I feel need to be addressed. With that being said, I will not post anything political (unless something juicy happens and I want to give my two cents) until the Convention or even in November when I work and we find out who is President. Below is a youtube clip that I want them to address for me.