Monday, May 26, 2008

Did nothing I said I was going to do!!

I did not do anything I wanted to do this weekend. Meaning I did not lay on my ass and get the rest I needed.

Did I think of something profound and blog about it? LOL. (Had to laugh at that myself)
Did I study? No.
Did I work on my pending business? No.
Did I clean up and read? Nah.
What about exercise, did I do that? Come on now! You know I didn’t.

So what did I do, well I slept in every morning and did the following:
I went out on Saturday night:
First spot – A nice little bar that plays live music on Saturday night. Had a nice meal with great music. Cost: $20.00 (including cover)!!
Second Spot – A great billiard spot downtown with live music on the first floor and a DJ on the second floor. Cost: FREE (no cover and free drinks from 2 lame guys me and my friend met)

I went to a Poetry spot on Sunday night and got my “Love Jones” on.
While there (only a $7 cover) from 8pm until 1am, I had a blast. This will become one of my regular spots. I sat there and enjoyed the environment and came to the conclusion that wish I had the talent that they possess. The gift of poetry is truly a blessing from God. OH! I got one of the poets number, but I am not going to call. However it did make me feel good. LOL

Today, I did not do a thing except lay in the bed and look up one of the poets on myspace. Checked ALL my favorite blogs (that takes all day in itself).

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