Monday, May 5, 2008

Someone always have something to say

So I check my blog email today and come upon an email from a fellow "blogger" stating that my blog needs improvement and here are some (or one very important one) suggestions.

"How about you take into consideration blogging about more important issues concerning African Americans and black women? It seems like your blog is going into a direction of being very self centered and you might lose your audience."

First. Thanks for your consideration and/or opinions, but like assholes, EVERYONE HAS ONE.

Second. I am NOT an African American. I am an American who is black (however that is for another post -- check out a wonderful poem by Smokey Robinson below).

Third. My blog is SUPPOSED to be self-centered. It is about ME being 25 and finally realizing that I am a full blown adult, dealing with it and getting comfortable with it. I am looking for individuals who can relate, want to give advice because they been where I am at/going, and give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Also I think you have to be blessed with the gift to write about certain things. I leave that to the wonderful blogs to my right (blogs that influence me to blog) that I just have to check EVERYDAY.

Fourth. I am not looking to be the most popular blog. I am happy and excited that I have people just looking at it and commenting. This is a perfect avenue for me. I have always had a passion for writing and journaling and this help satisfy both of them.

So fellow "blogger" if you do not like the path my blog is taking, that is okay and please feel free to go elsewhere.

Nevertheless here are TWO YOUTUBE CLIPS, that I think are great discussion starters. Please feel free to check them out and leave a comment.


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

LOL! Well she better stay away from my blog because IT IS ALL ABOUT ME!!

Girl do yo' thang!! I like to read about you, sometimes daily on slow weeks, usually all at once on the weekends. *lol* Man, I was hoping there was story about you and Ye's eyes locking! Oh well!


quarter-life-crisis said...

Trust!! There will be a post about the day I was sooo close to my man, yet so far away. I am waiting on the pics (thats a LONG story).

I think her intentions are/were good, but I feel that there are women out there doing a BETTER job at it than I would.

I caught myself trying to be like that and I had to stop early on. I want to enjoy blogging, not feeling like I have to.

However when I replied back to her, I did inform her that I do leave comments on some blogs and if she wanted to know my views then she should check those sites out. :)

sweetpea said...

Wow, I can't believe someone told you that! I mean, are u getting paid to write your blog, are you? I wish someone woulda told me that lol! My entire blog would be worthless to her!

Either way, to me the most interesting blogs are the ones where the writer is self-centered.

quarter-life-crisis said...

I wish i was getting paid to write a blog!!! Wouldn't that be a nice side hustle.

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I stopped by because I saw that your Afrospear application had been denied. And then the first thing I see is this post. I'm one of the founding members of the Afrospear, and I can believe somebody told you that. People sometimes forget that they had to start somewhere too. I wanted to tell you that I hope you still consider becoming a part of the group, because there is a lot you can gain and contribute, even as a beginning blogger.

Stay true to yourself and it will be all good.

eclectik said...

Well...I like your blog


quarter-life-crisis said...


I am just trying to be myself and have fun doing it. Its enough that I have to live with injustice on a day to day matter, much less read, hear, and see about it everyday also. We have to have balance.

Smarty Jones said...

I like your spot too. Girl, people are people, you can't please 'em all, don't even try. Obviously this "fellow blogger" didn't even bother to read your description either.
Girl, do like Martin Lawrence said on "You So Crazy."
Put on your dress, go to the club and do your "Fu-- 'em Dance."

quarter-life-crisis said...

Oh my gosh thats me and my sis favorite saying. LOL

I LOVE YOU said...