Friday, May 30, 2008

Things to do this summer

Being that I am dating myself, here are some things I want to do this summer:
  1. Learn how to play pool better. When I was younger my grandparents owned a nightclub right next door to my house, and me and her (my grandmother) use to hustle men out of there money in pool games. I was really good back then.
  2. Walk a 5K. Lets be honest, that’s all I can really do for now and I have to start somewhere.
  3. Going to TWO concerts with friends (or by myself).
  4. Search myspace and look for independent artists in my area. Because right now radio SUCKS!!!
  5. Since I have reconnect with so many childhood friends through myspace, once a week, contact one and catch up.
  6. At least once this summer, take in a “Movie in the Park” and “Concert in the Park”.
  7. Since I grew up on baseball/softball, I found a park that has a league near me. Now I will not be participating (LOL), but I will attend a game or two.
  8. Go to Stone Mountain and climb the damn mountain.
  9. Go to Six Flags and the water park
  10. Read at least THREE books (pertaining to history)
  11. Go to some “Jazz Night” events.
  12. Go to a reggae bar and meet a man with an accent and just listen to him talk. However I will not exchange phone numbers, just want to live with the fantasy.
  13. Get involve in a spades tournament or just have a spades party.
  14. Learn how to play chess
  15. Go see the play, “The Color Purple” (well I will be doing this in July)

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