Thursday, July 10, 2008

Midnight Love

So I was on the phone with my sister last night (while playing on the internet) and I came across this song that me and her loved back in the day. Then we started traveling memory lane, about the guys we dated in high school (what were we thinking! LOL) and how BET's "Midnight Love" was the soundtrack of our lives at the time. LOL Here are just a few that top our list:

Allure's Last Chance

Az Yet's Last Night

Pressha's Splackavillie - Now this one top's the list. However I rather not give details! LOL

Mariah Carey's My All - I cried everytime I heard this time. I thought I was so heartbroken (if I had only known the drama that was ahead in college). To this day I have to listen to it like three times in a row.

The Tony Rich Project's Nobody Knows

Kenny Lattimore's For You

Jesse Powell's You

Uncle Sam's I don't ever want to see you again

Uncle Sam's You are

Rome's I belong To You - Man this was the stuff (finding alternative words for curse words LOL)!! Oh my gosh! No words!

Man, those was the days! I thought life was so hard (teenagers - full of drama). Thanks for going down memory lane with me.


R&B Fan said...

Oh my gosh! This post takes me back!
What a great collection of songs you have here! It's like you took my favorite songs and built a list out of them :).

To put my own spin on it, here's some more:

A Few Good Men - Have I Never

All 4 One - I Swear

For Real - Saddest Song I Ever Heard

Gerald LeVert - I'd Give Anything

Marc Dorsey - Crave

Man, you took me back so much. I could go on forever. My girls in Xscape and SWV. The boys like Boyz II Men and Hi-Five. Ah gosh.

Stew said...

i still dont know what "Splackavillie" is

quarter-life-crisis said...

@ rnb fan:
glad you liked the selections! I loved songs you selected also. I think I am about to make me a mixtape of these songs!

@ stew:
I think splackaville is what we call a "cut buddy" these days. LOL