Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spiritual Sunday -- Praying for my future husband

This is not one of those, “Please God send me a man!” prayers. I am not ASKING for a man, more of me praying for the man I KNOW is coming into my life. I have faith that God is going to bring my “Godly Man” to me, but I just want to pray for him. God completely knows my future husband already. He knows his thoughts, struggles, triumphs, fears, and failures. So if I am praying daily for myself to become a better child of God, I feel that it only right for me to do this for my future mate. By praying for him, I am seeing that things can change for me. I see myself trying to become a better person, and a better child of God. I want to obtain a purer heart, all this in preparation for him, my future husband. For that reason, I will be making this a daily commitment.

It’s the least I can do (pray for him) because the person God has chosen for me is probably facing struggles just like me. So I will pray that God bless him and his family, order his day, encourage him in the Lord (want him to love God more than me), and in some way know that his future mate (me of course! LOL) is out there getting herself ready for him.

For example:
“God please watch over him today, bless his family and true friends.” God I ask that you give him strength to live each day to the fullest and continue to strive to be a better child to You. Please provide him with the strength to be able to resist worldly desires so that he can live in THIS world, but not OF it.”

I also pray for a Godly understanding of what a real relationship/marriage is suppose to be. For someone who I can be better with and we can help each other grow spiritually. I want me and my mate to be equally yoke. Meaning I want him to be on the level I am or above. Meaning all the superficial things I used to ask for is going out the window. God knows what I am attractive to and I trust that whomever God put in my life I will be attractive to him. So why must we ask for physical features when we are asking God for a mate? With me offering my thoughts and prayers to God, I want to set my heart and mind on a completely different track. Instead of being upset/depress about not having a mate, I want to be excited/have anticipation about my “relationship”. Because even though it does not exist at the moment, I KNOW that it’s going to happen (again at His perfect timing), and I KNOW that it will be worth the wait!!

I also made a list of things that were important to me, things I considered important characteristics/qualities for my future mate to have. I placed it in my Bible and handed it over to God. If God does not bring this man I described on paper to me, it will be okay. I will be happy with whatever God wills me in this life time. When you give yourself, along with your problems and concerns to God, and also honor Him, He will give back to you one-hundred fold!! So I am going to pray for your future mate and his intentions, then just wait for God to bring this individual into my life.


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I want you to start praying for you. I really don’t think you should preoccupy yourself at all looking for a husband or praying for a husband that has not materialized yet. I think the prayers should be more about making you a full and whole person who finds joy in herself and can truly love herself the same way God loves you which is completely.

I’ve never been one who was focused on a mate or a man. I always assumed I wouldn’t get married up until the day my ex proposed. After divorced I assumed I probably wouldn’t love again up until the day I feel in love, but not obsessing over those things allowed me to work on me. I think my ability to love me is the reason I have now been blessed to have some one to love, because my love for him is not predicated on the need for him to love me back. I love him because of how it makes me feel. And I love him in the moment and if at some point in our lives it shows detrimental to who I am to love him and being in a friendship with him I will adjust and let him go, because you should always love yourself more.

I think as women, especially black women we are raised to forsake our feelings in order to provide. Provide a happy life, a better experience, or support to others, but who supports us when we need it. I think you have to love yourself before your mate or the relationship will be flawed, you will look to your mate to fill voids and holes that mates shouldn’t be expected to fill. I get what you are trying to do in praying for him, but believe me I think you would be much better off praying that you be the whole and healthy spiritually grounded individual that God wants you to be. I think once that happens your mate will se you because you will be ready and then you should pray.

However what I think is really not important because I realize it’s your life and you can and will do with it what you want. I just wanted to offer a different perspective on it.


Anonymous said...

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