Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mr. West Dancing!! To funny

So everyone should know that I am in love with Kanye West. Some people think I am crazy for liking everything that people hate about him, but who cares!!! Thats my baby! Anyway, here is this video with him and other guy I would love to meet (Andre 3000). The best thing is they are dancing like some Temptation type group. Nevertheless I have fell in love with Mr. West even more because like me, he cannot catch a beat to save his life!! LOL Enjoy!!


Stew said...

probably one of the MOST entertaining videos i have see in a while. two thumbs up.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

HEY I like Ye's moves! And I'm not even in LOVE with him, like you are.


IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Are they a new group now? I was looking at Farnsworth Bentley more than Kanye..I think I am starting to have a crush on him....they were a perfect combination because they all have that uniquely quirky style.....tha dancing was cute...

elle said...

Sorry, to de-rail, Soror. I've been having this little feeling at the back of my mind since I read where you pledged over at Aunt Jemima's Revenge.

It just clicked! I'm from North Louisiana and wonder if our paths have crossed as I know many Sorors who pledged your chapter and Kappa Chi.

I look forward to reading your blog!

quarter-life-crisis said...

original - yes. funny -hell yes! LOL

You know I love me some Kanye!

For some reason Mr. Bentley makes me think he plays for the other team.

Oh my gosh! I have been a stalker at your blog for some time now. I love it!